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Mission and Vision

There are still about 100 million children globally that do not attend a school. Poverty is still the biggest obstacle to a proper school education in developing countries. The non-profit organisation MANINI e.V. supports projects that enables children to attend school for free thus ensuring them theior fundamental „right to education“ set forth by the United Nations.

Because of the various benefits the education of girls holds for society we are placing special emphasis on projects that facilitate school education for girls.

The charitable organisation MANINI e.V. was established in 2011 in order to support a schooling project in the province of Orissa in India. A network of people supporting the establishment of a boys’ school in the largely impoverished, rural Indian region had existed already from 2006 onwords. The implementation of all related tasks was later assumed by the charitable organisation Manini e.V.


Manini e.V.

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Our Team

Certified Psychologist Wolfgang Bischoff


1. Chairman of Manini e.V.

International counsellor and mentor for leaders in industry and economy.


Founder and Spirtual Leader of the Himalaya Institute Germany


Wolfgang Bischoff knows India well: He has travelled the Indian subcontinent for many years and spent much time with its people. In cooperation with the Himalaya Institute Hospital Trust he has established a hospital in the region of Uttaranchal where people from India and other countries are being trained as health care professionals in various institutions. Eventually a state-approved university was founded specialised, amongst others, in holistic medicine.

Bhagaban Dev


Founder of both schools and founder of the Nava Prabhat Charitable Trust (NPCT). The NPCT is recognised as a charitable non-profit organisation in India and monitors the proper allocation of all funds.  Bhagaban Dev ist also the school principal.


Bhagaban Dev was raised in the village of Nuapali (new village) in Orissa.

As a child he was among the few priviledged children who could afford to attend a public school. As early as then he decided that he would later build a school for all those other children who could not afford the fees.

Jasper Heiligtag


2. Vorsitzender Manini e.V.


Student, Sozialökonomie University of Hamburg.

Film School in New York







Toni Jentsch


Toni Jentsch works as a Sportwissenschaftler und Yoga teacher.


He visited the school in 2011 and has been a great supporter of the project ever since.



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The "Orissa Zal Leven" Foundation in Holland




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