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Every Donation can help to ensure the to ensure the growth and sustenance of both schools.

At the moment the further expansion and development of the girls’ school is given priority. The school covers the entire expenses for pupils lessons, accomodation, medical care and learning and teaching material.


Donations are tax deductible. For donation up to 200 € your transfer voucher will serve as a contribution receipt. If the donated sum is higher you will receive a special donation receipt from us. Please indicate you address on the remittance slip.


GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
   MANINI e.V.

Kto.: 203 303 8100

BLZ: 430 609 67

IBAN: DE58 430 609 67 203 303 8100


MANINI e.V. has been recognised as a charitable organisation by the tax offices of Stormarn/ Germany and is thereby authorised to issue donation receipts. Tax number: 30/299/82534 Last notice of assessment: 22.11.2011.

With your donations you support the sustenance and operation of a boys’ school with over 70 boys and over 60 girls and the construction of a residential building for the girls.

Both schools are committed to educational sustainability while successful school graduation allows students to apply for university education.

Students are instructed in classic school subjects such as mathematics, biology, English and history.

As the rural population is largely depending on farming for a living and as most of their families own and cultivate a small piece of land, students are also educated in biodynamic agriculture.

Animals are sacred to the people of India. Almost the entire population in the nearby villages follows a vegetarian diet. For them, the consumption of meat in this drought and barren landscape would not only prove unefficient but also unsustainable.

The children learn to care and feed their cows on their own milk farm. A certain share of the milk is then is sold on the local market.

The children are provided with medical care but do also learn to apply basic health care principles for themselves.

Donations from Switzerland

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Monthly contributions

If you want to support us with a monthly contribution we ask you to create a standing order that you can individually adjust or cancel any time you wish.


Monthly contributions are very helpful: They assure the solid basic funding of our core tasks and enhance our financial planning resources!

The account information is indicated above. Please remember to write your address on the transfer voucher should you need a donation receipt.


Girls who are well-educated take better care of their childrens health. According to research findings from developing countries there is a strong and consistent relation between the health of children and infants and the educational level of their mothers.

Young women from developing countries who get the opportunity to attend a school for seven or more years are typically getting married after four years and have on average two children less than women with a lower educational background.

Why invest in education?

We place special emphasis on the education of girls. Kofi Annan, the former UN General Secretary, declared the education of girls the next big step to creating a more peaceful world.

Proioritising schooling has indeed proven instrumental in improving society as a whole.

Women and girls who earn money are typically investing 90% of their income in their families well-being (men only 30-40%).

Every single year of extra school education in elementary school will increase a girls later income by 10 to 20%. Each additional year of eductaion after elementary school will increase her income by another 15 to 25 %.




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