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The first building for the girls`school is completed!


The most important project at the moment is the construction of a building with two classrooms, a bathroom and a small office room for the girls’ school.

Thanks to genereous donantions, we were able to complete that building. The girls now have a place to study protected from the terrible heat in the summer.


In spring 2012 the first year students of the boys’ school graduated! All of the students have already been granted a university place at New Delhi University as well as accomodation.

The students all come from poor families and their parents would not have been able to afford school fees on their own. Having them attending university constitutes a small miracle that would not have been possible without the donations!



The second major step of the project has become reality: 2011 the girls’ school was officially inaugurated.


Opening of the girls’ school

Visitors are welcome at any time!

The site provides two small guest houses with a shower and a toilet. The school is welcoming guests from all over the world, who at the same time provide a good opportunity for the children to practice their English communication skills and to meet different people from different cultures. We also encourage guest to contribute to school life, for example by teaching English or other lessons or by providing training in artistic, mechanical, athletic or agricultural activities. Any kind of expertise is considered enriching!

Visitors in Orissa

A bright future is predicted for the use of solar energy in India. In Orissa, and especially in the vicinity of the school, power supply is extremely unreliable.

Through the installation of a small solar power facility on the flat roof of the school we can create an opportunity to teach the children how solar energy works and how a solar power facility can be constructed as well as maintained.

At the same time a regular power supply will enable the use of computers and - thanks to the facilities energy storage capabilities - also the lighting of the building.

Installation of a solar power facility

Visitors from Europe


hree visitors from Europe came to Orissa last year: Hannah Wiggins from Arnhem, Holland, Alistair Cochrane from Ahrensburg/ Germany und Toni Jentsch from Hamburg/ Germany.


The new residential building is completed!


The construction of a new residential building for 80-100 boys is completed!

Offerte für Solaranlage


The SunEnergy Europe GmbH in cooperation with Vikas Arya submitted a quotation for three solar power facilities each in a different size.

They examined climatic data as well local conditions (building statics, roof surface etc. ) in a detailled analysis.

We have now started to collect donations for this project in an independent second move. The project is pursued independently as the collection of donantion for the sustenance of the schools currently still holds priority status.

Please contact us at should you be specifically interested in information about the solar power facility.


In the villages of Orissa cooking is typically performed over an open fire since there are no electronic kitchen devices available and power supply is unreliable. The World Health organisation (WHO) has characterised cooking over open fire one of the biggest environmental hazards for mankind. Each year more people die of smoke poisoning than of malaria.


We want to teach the children how they can build wood efficient clay stoves with little expenses. These stoves need 60 % less wood and the emission of smoke can be entirely prevented.

The students can then spread their know-how to the rest of the population.

Wood efficient clay stoves

Costs per student

For each student a monthly expenditure of about 35 € applies. This amount includes lodging, accomodation, tuition and health care.



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