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For the rural population that is almost exclusively depending on farming for a living, school fees are often unaffordable considering that many of the families find it hard to cover the mere living costs of their children. These children are often forced to work for a living from an early age on. To prevent that situation our pupils are not only provided with free tuition but also with accomodation and meals.


Lessons cover classic subject matters such as English, biology, mathematics but do also address three more practical fields which are related to the immediate living conditions in a largely rural, agricultural area:


Firstly, children learn how to cultivate crops and fruits according to the principles of organic and sustainable farming.

Secondly, the school owns a small milk farm where children learn to interact with and care for their animals.

Thirdly, a health provision program is applied. Because of poor health care and demanding climatic conditions health awareness and proper health care are crucial. Pupils are therefore exercising physically or doing sports twice a day for 45 minutes.


India – The land of extremes


The schooling project

The first 45 students, 2005

The boys’ school

In 2002 the teacher Bhagaban Dev founded the boys’ school in the heartland of Orissa with modest funding. He started with a small building and 12 pupils. Ever since the school has grown: The school has now over 70 boys and 60 girls.

Every year the students achieve above-avarage or excellent results during state exams. After graduation they are eligible to apply for university.


Every year up to 200 children apply for an education. However, only about 20-30 students can be accepted even though the school’s infrastructure is designated to accomodate 200. Unfortunately, the financial ressources to speed up the school’s expansion are still lacking.


The annual expenditure for accomodation, lodging, learning and teaching materials and tuition amounts to about 400 € for each student.

Your donation can help to provide schooling for another child in need of education!


Die Schulen liegen im besonders armen Landesinneren



A lot of girls in Orissa are only aloud to visit a school till third grade.

Girls in India still suffer a particularly hard fate. In many families girls are faced as an extra burden because traditionally their families are expected to pay a dowry. Also, in many public schools girls and boys are instructed in the same classroom facilities, a situation resented by many parents.

Therefore they often take their daughters out of school by the time they reach second or third grade.


In order to circumvent this problem Bhagaban Dev decided to teach girls and boys in two independent schools. The girls’ school started lessons as soon as 2010 while in 2011 the first school building was officially inaugurated.


We are currently planning the extension of the  building in order to create additional accomodation facilities for the girls. As soon as that will be completed we can accept more students to the school. We need your support to implement the building extension soon!

The girls’ school



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